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Here you can find all the features available for the platform

VR Rooms

Create VR meetings, share videos, documents and whiteboard.

HD Webinar System

Integrate your meetings and workshops in the same platform.

Ultra low latency

This option enables real-time interaction of the audience.

Interactive Voting

Increase the user's participation and and provide new experiences.

Embedded Streaming

Integrate your streaming in the platform for a simpler display.

Event Schedule

Complete Agenda, all the timmings, dates and locations of each event.

Speaker List

Show all the speakers, their sessions and information.

User Registration

Controlled acces to the platform with user registration.


Reinforce communication and connectivity between the audience.

Moderated Live Q&A

Let the audience interact in real-time, asking questions and comments with moderated service.

User Video Chat

Users can now make their own 1 on 1 meetings easily without needing the organization to manage it.

User Live chat

A message system that allows registered users to communicate between them.

Payment Gateway

Add all the payment methods you need: Credit card, Bank transfer, Bitcoin, Bizum,...

Language Selection

Your platform in many languages. We also offer a professional translation services to any language.

Online Shop

A place where you can offer the possibility of selling your merchandise or services.

Membership System

Special permissions for users depending on the membership: acces to limited content, workshops.

Seminar Ticket Sale

The opportunity to monetize your sessions, webinars or breakouts with limited access .


Obtain an accurate report of connected users, their locations, connection time,...

Media & Docs Gallery

A place were all the users can access and download to any type of documents: Videos, Keynotes,...

Exhibitor Area

A perfect place for your sponsors or partners to showcase their products or services.

256 bits Security

You can never be too safe. We can provide SSL Certificates with 256bits protection.

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